Philosophy & Mission

Inspire, Connect & Deliver


We believe that the ways people think have a great influence on how their talents and potential can be used, and this determines how successful they will be. Their minds need to be set free and inspired to think creatively. Upon that basic concept, more values maybe be added. The mission of Inspirees is to inspire the potential within a person, connect people together and deliver added values.


Company history

Inspirees was founded in 2004 by Boudewijn Heeren and Dr. Tony Zhou in the Netherlands.


Mr Heeren started the book business and had his own bookshop since 1985. He has intensive business experiences and good knowledge about western and eastern culture. Dr. Zhou had his education in China and received his doctor degree in 2006 from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He had worked as a scientist, product manager and senior business consultant in various organization like Chinese Academy of Medcial Sciences, Swets etc. The establishment of our book and education business reflects our mission to bridge China and the West and help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop their businesses in China and Europe.


We have both offices in Europe and China but our main operation is in China. From 2012, we are expanding our business and becoming a new-media international company.




Media report


East meets West as research grows --- Research Information: August/September 2010


China presents challenges and opportunities --- Research Information: October/November 2010


"Das Kunstbuch hat gute Karten in China" --- Boersenblatt: April 2010



A word from our Founders

China is an amazing country, where entrepreneurship prospers and a bright future lies. Your first step into China is always challenging but you will definitely open up new horizons with great opportunities. In order to develop a good business in China, a realistic expectation and reliable collaboration with a local partner with good knowledge and approach is absolutely essential.


Boudewijn Heeren & Dr. Tony Zhou



Our business and brands


Our mother company is Inspirees International B.V. The name of Inspirees comes from English word "Inspire". The logo of Inspirees is a symbol of sun full of energy. The orange is the lucky color in Chinese and Dutch culture.

In 2012, Inspirees started to develop its own online platform. The first one is the book metadata product and services branded as INO (Inspirees NewMedia Online).

Inspirees Institute of Creative Education (IICE) brings most innovative training programs to Great China and other Asian countries.



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