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Mobile literature in China: a new form of literature


In China, more and more young people are focusing on the screen of their mobile phones. Some are not sending message or playing games, but reading e-books. It is boldly predicted that mobile literature will become a new popular form of literature in China. At present, the mainstream of mobile novels is still the simple transforming of traditional books into mobile phone format. The real mobile novel created only for mobile reading has not been appeared. Writing a pure mobile novel is very difficult, since the mobile phone is always moving with people. If the novel fails to provide exciting point before people move to next place, it is very likely that they will give up reading.


There are two ways of reading mobile novel: one is through the mobile operator website to download or watch online. The second is through free WAP site. Users need to login in these sites to read or download part of the novels, and pay for the rest. China is developing fast with its 3G technology application which will facilitate the mobile reading business development. However, a proper business model and better reading possibility for readers on mobile phone are essential for publishers and operators to harvest profits from the market.


East meets West as research grows

The following are part of the texts from the special report of Research Information: 2010. Siân Harris asked Dr. Tony Zhou, managing director of Inspirees International about his view on challenges and opportunities for foreign publishers in China.


"With increasing numbers of university graduates (6.5 million every year) and governmental investment into high education, university library budgets have increased by 20 to 30 per cent annually in recent years.


China imports publications mainly from American and European publishers. Officially these have to be done via state-owned importers making the importing more complicated. But big consortia, such as NSTL and CALIS, are able to negotiate the price directly with foreign publishers. NSTL has several hundred members, most of them are universities and research institutes. Read more


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Inspirees has good network with the media in China. Our business in book/publishing and education is regularly covered by the local reports from mainstream media. These are the good opportunities for our customers to be introduced and promoted in the country. We welcome your contributions to this section.

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