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Q: What are the current challenges and opportunities for Olms as a SS&H publisher?


Dietrich Olms: Olms-Weidmann is a publisher who has been working for authors, their books and for libraries since 1680. The current challenges in humanities are decreasing print-runs and more specialised titles for few customers. As a renowned publisher we keep our quality standards, which are desired by libraries and their users, in many cases cloth-binding, hardcover, acid-free paper and binding, also when using the digital print process.


Q: Can you please tell the positioning of Olms and how it grows its business facing the current challenges?


Dietrich Olms: The positioning of Olms-Weidmann in the international publishing market is to concentrate on their strong subjects such as classical studies, philosophy, history, history of arts, musicology and related fields. More titles will be placed in these subjects which strengthens the position of our publishing house.


Q: How is the business development of Olms in China? Any highlighted achievements? What do you think of the development of R&D in China and how Olms can support as well as benefit from this development? What’s your expectation for China business in the coming five years for Olms?


Dietrich Olms: The development of Olms-Weidmann in China is growing steadily and we are confident to reach most libraries working with the institutes for European humanities by implementing the approval plans through Inspirees NewBooks Services, a company which is well-organised and whose contacts to the libraries are excellent.


Q: What do you expect from digitalizing the process within an approval plan, extensive catalogue search in comprehensive and classified bibliographic information tailored to the needs of acquisitions librarians etc.?


Dietrich Olms: To implement approval plans is an idea which also should work in China as well as it did in the US and Australia, where Olms-Weidmann successfully sold its titles during the last five decades in cooperation with Harrassowitz, the largest export-bookshop for scientific books in Germany.


Q: We know you haven’t been to China. What you like to do most in China besides your work and business trip there?


Dietrich Olms: Indeed, I have not visited China so far and I am very keen to see the most interesting sites like the Chinese Wall and others. I do look forward to taking part in the next Beijing Bookfair in 2012 to learn more about the library and book market in China and to meet people there.


About Georg Olms

The firm of Georg Olms initially made its name as a publisher of reprints. It developed one of the world's most comprehensive programmes for reprinting scholarly literature in the post-war period when making good the losses of the Second World War was a priority. In recent years our list has expanded to cover a broad spectrum of new works in the arts and humanities. The firm is also active in the field of new media. In this area it has frequently been in the forefront of developments with groundbreaking publications, especially its wide-ranging microform collections and more recently the ambitious Internet portal OLMS ONLINE.

The publishing programme also betrays something of the personal interests and preferences of the Olms family, particular examples being the Olms Presse on horses and horse-breeding and the children's book Kollektion OLMS junior. Read more

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