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[2017-03-10] International Symposium of Behavioral Medicine ISBM

September 22-24, 2017, Shanghai, China

The International Symposium of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM) will be held on September 22nd to 24th, 2017 in Shanghai, China. This symposium will be presented by the Mental Health Center, Fudan University and the Inspirees Institute of Creative Arts Therapy. The themes of ISBM are on psychosomatics and dance movement therapy, which aim to strengthen the communication and collaboration between the two fields.


The concept of body-mind integration has also been deeply rooted in the Chinese traditional culture. However, in recent years, the challenges to physical and mental health in modern society, associated with the division between the body and the mind, have encouraged us to reflect, explore and develop more comprehensive and integrated approaches with medical professionals. Art is considered as a medicine to heal the soul. Hence, dance is not only a form of performance, but also an effective tool and vehicle to contain and express our sub-conscious feelings. “Exercise alone was not enough…it was this creative use of movement that touched the deeper levels of human beings” – Rudolf Laban. Dance movement therapy combines psychology, Laban movement analysis, creative movement and neuroscience; it is a relatively new discipline that has been developing for over 80 years which has now merged into mainstream medicine.


An important issue that will be addressed in the Symposium is how we can combine function- and structure-oriented medical approaches with creative and expressive-oriented art approaches in an effort to develop a scientific, humanistic and sustainable model in clinical settings. ISBM will consist of a 3-day program including a one-day forum with keynote speeches from experts in psychosomatic and dance movement therapy from China and abroad, as well as presentations and networking sessions, followed by two days of dance movement therapy workshops, clinical demonstrations and on-site supervision.



[2017-02-20] Chinese Group of Arts Therapy Established in China

In November 2016 in Beijing, the Chinese Group of Arts Therapy (CGAT) was established, in affiliation with the Chinese Psychological Society (CPS). CGAT is under the guidance of the Committee of Clinical and Counseling Psychology (CCCP) of CPS. CGAT is currently the only working group focusing on creative and expressive arts therapies in the Society. The arts therapy field has grown rapidly in China in recent years, but there are only limited university programs in music therapy, and they produce graduates of varied quality. Currently there are over 200,000 licensed counselors in China who need extensive practical experience, as well as expanded and alternative skill sets, including the arts therapies. This has made it necessary to set up a professional society to support and guide the further development of this profession in the country while ensuring its standard and quality. CGAT was initiated and led by Dr. Tony Zhou, Executive Editor of CAET, along with six other experts from academic and clinical institutions who are on the executive board. On the advisory board, there is also the support of two professors from Taiwan. Under CGAT, four working sub-groups are being set up to cover four major categories, including art therapy, dance movement therapy, drama therapy and music therapy. One of the major goals of CGAT is to consolidate the above four areas and foster more collaboration among them, as well with other fields in China and abroad; this includes verbal psychotherapies, rehabilitation and arts. CGAT will also be working closely with CCCP on the Clinical Psychology Registration for the credentials of the registered psychologists.


Inspirees launched new website

Inspirees launched new corporate website today. The new website refers to two business units of Inspirees: Inspirees Books and Inspirees Education with links to each other. The previous portal for books and publishing for ECPPC (European Chinese Publisher Promotion Center) still exists.

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The 1st International Symposium of Creative Arts Education and Therapy (China)


In order to further stimulate the dialogue between the East and West, Art and Science, an international symposium on creative arts education and therapy will be held in Beijing, China, May 6-8, 2016. This event is organized by Inspirees Institute and School of Art and Communication, Beijing Normal University, in collaboration with Association of Creative Movement (Italy), Music Therapy Center/Central Conservatory of Music (China) and other partner institutions in China.


Inspirees launch new academic journal CAET


Inspirees launch new academic journal CAET

Inspirees has recently launched its own academic journal CAET with the German academic publisher

Quotus in Berlin Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET) – Eastern and Western Perspectives is published in partnership with INSPIREES. It is an international journal for artists, educators and therapists, who use and integrate creative arts in their work.The focus is on reporting and discussing perspectives, theory based application and practical results between the West and the East - particularly China and its neighboring cultures.


Leuven University Press choose Inspirees for China representation



Leuven University Press has chosen Inspirees for exclusive sales representation in Great China including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.


Leuven University Press, established in 1971 under the auspices of KU Leuven, is an ambitious academic press of international standing. Today the press has over a thousand high quality academic books in print, in a broad range of fields including music, art & theory, text & literature, history & archaeology, philosophy & religion, society, law & economics. It publishes approximately 40 new titles a year by authors from all over the world. About half of its books are in English and/or combined European languages (French, German, Italian); the remaining volumes are in Dutch.

Hanser Verlag Launched Chinese website


Hanser Verlag, the renowned German publisher based in Munich, Germany, launched its new Chinese website The bi-lingual website features the highlighted book titles of Hanser, the latest development news and corporate information of Hanser. The website is designed and powered by Inspirees. For more information, please visit Hanser website (in German).


Peeters Publishers choose Inspirees for China representation [2014.3.1]


The prestigious Belgian academic publisher Peeters Publishers chose Inspirees for exclusive sales representation in Great China including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Till now, Brepols Publishers, Peeters Publishers and Ferdinand Verbiest Instituut-KULeuven from Belgium have all decided to work with Inspirees for their China sales representation.

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