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Database by subjects(数据库-按照学科分类)


Our Approval Plan Online is a web-based application offering comprehensive and subject-specific bilbiographic data, innovative technology and a user-friendly interface. The system is easy to adapt to customer needs and has a bilingual interface (Chinese/English). Acquisition librarians can customise their approval plans according to their own criteria and manage all options of the system online without having to install their own software. New and forthcoming specialist titles are presented on a daily basis with all available bibliographic and additional information. When ordering, titles are sent out as catalogue raw data in different required library formats. Moreover, with our enhanced service librarians are able to make informed purchase decisions by having access to bibliographic information in their mother tongue Chinese and a fascinating stock alignment tool.


Approval plan online is the only solution currently available in the Chinese market and makes the library stay organised in its continuous acquisition process.


For almost 20 years, Brepols Publishers has been developing high-value databases in the field of Humanities. Since 2001, these databases are available online as well as new resources on a platform called BREPOLiS. As a result Brepols are proud to offer 20 databases on our website. At the moment, Brepols offers 5 bibliographic databases including more than 1.4 million records, 4 encyclopedias containing over 110,000 articles written by specialists, and 5 Latin full-text databases gathering together more than 5500 key texts (containing 114 million words) for the understanding of the Western civilization.


Brepols has more than 20 databases about the sources of Western civilization and foster better quality in scholarship, which can be accessed on The full catalogue can be downloaded at


One of Brepols’ main fields of interest is Medieval Studies. Brepols have created an unparalleled medieval environment where Brepols bring together key resources for the study of the Middle Ages with bibliographies on the one hand, and with encyclopaedias on the other. The other strength of Brepols lies in the study of Latin Language and Literature as we offer the world’s leading databases in this field. A last and not the least one is dedicated to Religious Studies and Church History.


Brepols出版社开发并推出高品质人文学科数据库已经近20年了,自2001年起,这些数据库以及其他新的资源都可以通过BREPOLiS 这个平台进行访问。到目前为止,Brepols已经通过该平台提供20种在线数据库。其中,有5个参考书目数据库,有超过140万条记录;4个百科全书,拥有超过110,000篇专业论文;以及5个全文数据库,收集了5500篇关键论文(共1140万字),旨在了解西方文明。Brepols出版社的最强领域即是中世纪研究(Medieval Studies)。Brepols出版社为读者提供了无与伦比的中世纪研究资源,既有中世纪参考书目,也有中世纪研究百科全书。另一强势领域是拉丁语言及文学(Latin Language and Literature),Brepols在该领域也有顶级数据库产品。另外,关于宗教研究和教会历史(Religious Studies and Church History),也是值得重点推荐的。



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