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The development of the IOS Press ebooks platform started in 2005 and it was launched in 2006. Currently around 800 titles available; some 100 ebooks are added yearly in subjects ranging from health sciences (neuroscience, rehabilitation) to computer sciences (AI), egovernance and urban studies.


Furthermore, individual institutes like ETH, Zurich Switzerland, Monash University in Australia, National Library of Medicine (USA), Stanford University, CA, USA have access to the whole platform or to specific book series. TAEBDC(Taiwan Academic E-Book Consortium), have access to approximate 500 titles, also the Department of Veteran Affairs of the United States have access to our platform (in total approximate 170 departments).


IOS Press’ most prolific ebook series are Studies in Health Technology and Informatics and Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, with each around ten volumes per year. All books are in the English language and are of interest to Researchers, Academics, Scientists, Practitioners, Decision-makers, Professionals, Developers, Professors, (Graduate) students, Clinicians, Policy-makers and Engineers

Brepols Corpus Christianorum

The mission of this longstanding project is to produce critical editions of texts by Christian authors from Late Antiquity till the end of the Middle Ages, with the expectation that they will serve as reference-works of first resort for scholars worldwide. The core task of Corpus Christianorum, namely the editions of primarily Latin and Greek texts, is supplemented by the production of ancillary handbooks, bibliographies, monographic studies and electronic databases.


We invite you to explore the full panoply of what is now more than 500 Corpus works. For more information, please visit the website of Corpus Christianorum.



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Approval Plan Online (APO)

An award-winning web-based application offering comprehensive and subject-specific bilbiographic data, innovative technology and a user-friendly interface.



5 bibliographic databases, 4 encyclopedias and 5 Latin full-text databases for the understanding of the Western civilization.

Brepols Publishers

Rodopi Library Collections

Some 80 high quality series covering social science & humanity focusing on philosophy and linguistics etc.

Edition Rodopi

Olms Library Collections

Classical series in German language from the renowned publisher.

Georg Olms


Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem

An exclusive facsimile edition of this incredibly beautiful atlas that pertain to Africa, America & Asia, including the “secret” Atlas of the Dutch east India Company (VOC)

H&DG Publishers


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